Making & Choosing Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates

5 Vzrine – Person Powerpoint Template

If customers don’t respond to the message of the presentation, sales don’t grow, the audience remains stable after the performance, then the matter may not be only in the material itself. Sometimes the template design plays a key role. For example, too bright and acidic colors, as well as disordered elements, simply irritate the viewer — they subconsciously don’t want to pay attention to the information. 

However, the MasterBundles team already knows how to fix this problem potentially! Experts have collected up-to-date tips on how to make a really aesthetic presentation that is pleasing to the eye and they will also help you choose a ready-made set of slides. In the end, readers will find a small bundle of excellent templates that can be considered good examples of aesthetic designs.

Features of An Aesthetic Presentation Template

So, a person who is not experienced in the art may not understand where the aesthetic template is, and where is the usual option doesn’t attract the viewer. As a rule, the first category includes those sets that have the following features:

  • the color scheme of the template is sustained in one key, the colors are well combined, and the number of cardinally different tones does not exceed 3-4;
  • there is enough space on the slides — the abundance of elements often scares the viewer away, so it’s important to leave some air;
  • most slides contain a single font — if you use more than two fonts, it tires your eyes;
  • all pages use the same indentation;
  • the set has blocks not only for photos and text information but also for capacious graphics or diagrams (for their design, the colors that are already in the presentation design should be used).

In general, the best ppt themes in the “aesthetic” category are sets with a concise, pleasant design without frills. But it is worth noting that any aesthetic design can be easily ruined if the photos of your material do not match the template.

How To Find A Splendid Template?

So, after you understand what qualities an ideal aesthetic template should have, we will give a few more tips that will improve and simplify the search process. In addition to design features, it’s important to take into account such nuances:

  • the number of color schemes in one set, the presence of a day/night theme — this will allow you to set up a presentation for performance in rooms with any lighting;
  • the number of slides in one bundle — it’s important that the pages are diverse and can diversify your topic;
  • the presence of convenient elements for infographics, because without them slides may seem boring and not useful;
  • make sure that the fake photos from the presentation are similar to your real photos – this will avoid the problem of incompatibility after purchasing the template.

And besides, when choosing aesthetic PowerPoint templates, be sure to make sure that they are customizable. This will make it much easier for you to customize the slides for your materials.

Six Marvelous Products: Aesthetic Templates Examples

Selected templates will serve as an example of really stylish, attractive, and aesthetic presentations. And if sets are not enough for you, then more great options can be found on the MasterBundles marketplace.

Aesthi Aesthetic Powerpoint Template

1 Aesthi Aesthetic Powerpoint Template

This template is one of the best options that are suitable for demonstrating fashionable clothes, beauty products, and perfumes, as well as displaying the services of a wedding or photo agency. A gentle combination of powdery pink, ivory, and different shades of dark olive immediately attracts the viewer. And incredible fonts with good readability hold attention until the very last slide.

SINA Powerpoint Style Template

2 SINA Powerpoint Style Template

The combination of blue and white may seem boring to some, but not this time! In this template, both colors play the right role, making it both aesthetic and versatile — it can be used for a lot of different areas. Includes 500+ vector icons, 55+ unique slides, and free fonts. The template is easily customizable.

MODEN Powerpoint Style Template

3 MODEN Powerpoint Style Template

In addition to aesthetics, this template can also be called minimalistic. The main color scheme consists of a white background and gray elements of varying intensity. This greatly simplifies the problem of matching the colors of the presentation and the colors of the photographs that the customer will use. There are 40+ slides with different designs included, and a handy drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to move images around.

Goyke – Aesthetic Powerpoint Template

4 Goyke – Aesthetic Powerpoint Template

Another incredibly aesthetic presentation that is suitable for business, creative studios, various agencies, company profiles, photo portfolios, or any corporate purpose. The template is easily customizable to your needs, with a total of forty slides that use free web fonts.

Vzrine – Person Powerpoint Template

5 Vzrine – Person Powerpoint Template

Despite the relatively small number of slides inside (25 pages), their design is able to satisfy almost any need, regardless of the scope. The delicate combination of colors is mesmerizing, as are the beautiful and easy-to-read fonts.

Bonifacio – Aesthetic Powerpoint

6 Bonifacio – Aesthetic Powerpoint

The beautiful, attractive, and incredibly stylish Bonifacio template combines sand and brown elements on a white background. Slides contain a huge number of interesting elements that will allow you to organize information rationally and find a place for each fact or photo.

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