Unity Of Style In Design

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Unity is really an important as it helps us to create a consistent brand and identity for your site. It is important to any art form or as websites are dynamic and interactive creatures it’s even more so.

In web Design the Unity of style creates the understanding that we remain within the same site, no matter which page we go to. The unity of style helps user to navigate the information space of the site better.

Why Unity is Important

Unity holds design together as the structure or both visually and conceptually. It adds organization and will ease the user’s journey over your webpage because you don’t have to process each element individually.

Unity adds order to a design. Too much unity can be dull and lifeless. Unity and Variety can work together. Variety adds interest and energy to a design. Too much variety makes your design chaotic and difficult to read.

Factors Of Unit

1.Color: –

Color is one of the biggest factors in the unity of a design. It is great way of forming a connection between objects.

2.Repetition: –

Repetition of elements is not the only method of creating unity in design. Simply using similar factors can connect the elements of your design as they look similar.

3.Alignment: –

Alignment can actually play a role in unity, since elements designed around a common axis can feel more connected. This is sided towards visual unity, not conceptual unity.

4.Proximity: –

Proximity is the concept that contributes to the overall unity of your design. Things look together, when they are closer. This is pretty simple because when one put stuff together, they look together.

5.Continuity and Visual Direction: –

Moving between elements easily helps the unified feel and including this through tactical visual direction is one method of doing so.

6.Consistency: –

Consistency is like typography which also make the elements not too unlike. Keeping things consistent means that they look like each other and connections are generated there.

Unity just makes things feel connected and together by making them look like they should be. If we have too many colors and fonts, or the items are pushed away, or the alignment differs inside your text, the bonds are broken and it doesn’t feel connected anymore.

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