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Rebranding is an adjustment in the ideology and values of the brand, its strategy, and positioning. The outcome is an extreme re-branding of the image of the Brand Change, not so much external as in nature. Changing The Brand of ideology is the reason for changes in the different parts of the brand – verbal and visual.

The effective re-branding of the company can reach a new level in its development, to draw in new customers, increase the loyalty of existing customers, and substantially increase sales. It is worth remembering that rebranding is a process that isn’t brisk and difficult. It requires significant investment and effort both during the review and at the phase of the meeting, and subsequent evaluation.

The objective reasons for rebranding are the following:

Serious structural changes within the company – consolidation or merger that in fact demands the creation of a new brand;

Expansion and entry onto new markets;

Considerable changes of the market environment such as entry of the stronger and more aggressive competitors, new innovative technologies that demand brand to immediately react and develop new brand strategy, new branding, etc.;

Negative reputation, which can be eliminated only by integral rebranding and development of perception of a completely new brand;

Change of the brand role in company policy.


Restyling is a change in the elements of visual identification of the Brand. It can be either one of the stages of Rebranding an independent process. Most often subjected to restyling Logo, Corporate Identity, packaging.

Need to restyle may be caused by:

Demands of time period, loss of visual image relevance with the course of years;

Incompliance of the current visual image with the brand market segment, with its positioning and commercial targets of the project;

Complications of identification, memorability, difficulties in perception of brand visual identification elements;

Ordinariness, low level of distinguishing from other competitors;

Undesirable associations brought up by brand logo.


Redesign is used in practice, mostly in relation to Web Design and denotes the partial or complete Change of the Site in order to improve its functionality and appearance. Task of Redesign is the elimination of barriers to the implementation of the site’s functions.

1. To communicate our brand values better

2. To improve website usability for our visitors

3. To improve usability and flexibility for our marketing team

4. To improve SEO and site performance

5. To improve the quality and volume of the leads generated

6. To facilitate integrations with external software


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