Label Design Tactics in 2020

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A nicely designed product label can help draw the attention of potential customers. But more than that a strategically created label makes a brand statement that helps the company’s efforts in building a trustworthy brand identity. To attract customer’s interest in your product, you need to make your label design creative.

As in this competitive market to make the highly usegul product for your customer is not enough, you need to to do something extra to lure customers.

In 2020, it is expected that both sustainability and automation will take even higher precedence, while personalization will also expand to cater to buyers’ demands and preferences. Here are some of the trends in label design that every company should keep in mind in 2020.


• Simple, bright and bold designs:- In today’s fast-paced market, customers do not have time to elaborate labels. It is thus ideal to use minimalist designs. Use bright colors for more attention. Clean designs keep the focus on the product and increase the chances of conversion. The choice is vital for customers.

• Use of vibrant colors :- The Psychological effect of colors on the human mind has been well-documented in the last few decades. Use of vibrant colors is important because customer often forget the name of product but remember the color used on packaging. Thus colors impresses the customer where words might fall short.

• Repeating the patterns:- A product label should have a strong and unique identity so that customers remember it easily. Repeating an attractive pattern that conveys the role of the product helps to stick in the mind of buyers. It is a simple yet powerful strategy to enhance the label design impact.

• The rising popularity of custom lettering:- Almost all the fonts are available by the software nowadays, hand-lettering makes a comeback in 2020. Use of hand-lettering fonts increases the emotional bond between the customer and the product. There are many softwares which provide this font in their library for customers to use.

• Opting for eco-friendly designs:- Designers should opt for recycled materials in their labels to make them eco-friendly. This helps to conserve natural resources and also creates an asthetic effect.

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There are many online label design software solutions that can enable designers to create their favorite designs in an eco-friendly manner. The label design industries are exploding massively. This year will further increase its growth. A product label can help build a nice brand identity for its business. But the label should be legible and sophisticated. Use white spaces for less strain on eyes and to give the design a unique look.

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