Icons In Web Design

Icons are one of the most used graphic elements in our digital age but stem from the remotest antiquity. Icons have served as key points of varied information throughout history. There are extensive studies on the importance of iconography in different human civilizations.

The main purpose of an icon is to offer, without distracting, specific visual information. Icon must have a series of characteristics, among which the following are: –

  • Icons should be as simple as possible, but with enough details to express the intended message. If icons are too complex, they can become confusing and potentially convey the wrong message.
  • Icon models which are already accepted by public should be mindful. Changing this model that users are accustomed to can cause the icon to lose clarity and lead to a failure in communication and information.
  • Icons need to be perfectly designed for the specific information that it will represent.

Icons help to: –

  • attract attention
  • understand the meaning
  • navigate the interface
  • save visual space
  • make a connection with the user

Conclusion: –

Icons have a huge impact on a website, as each element that you place on your site can affect the overall user experience. Be mindful of the appropriateness of the icons used on your site, as it can help avoid ineffective usage of them along with mistakenly adding them to the wrong sections of the site.