How To Create A User Flow Design

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A user flow is a visual representation of the many avenues when using an app or website. The flowchart begins with the consumer’s entry point on the product and ends with the final action or outcome. Depicting this process allows designers to evaluate and optimize the user experience and therefore increase client conversion rates.

Why it’s necessary to plan User Flow?

In order for developers to know what content should be included in each screen of the web interface and mobile interface, you need to plan a user flow. This is the basis for developing and testing experience that meets the needs of users and helps them achieve their goals. Creating User Flow will save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

Steps for creating User Flow Diagram:-

1. Understand your user

To design the best possible user flow, you have to have the best possible understanding of your user. Understanding the user’s needs and motivations allows you to make informed choices. Here are some questions to ask yourself when getting to know your user.

2. Create a flow outline

Like most things in design, it’s best to start off with a first draft or outline. Start by writing down a basic flow like a mind map. Each box you draw should represent a step in a user action.

3. Define the elements of your user flow

Designers use various shapes and colors to represent a unique set of elements within the interface. Some shapes are flexible and can be used for multiple actions. Adding a key or legend to your user flow can help your colleagues and clients to better interpret and grasp your diagram.

4. Refine your outline

The same principles you follow when designing an interface can and should be applied when designing a UX flowchart. Here are our top three must-apply UI design principles.

5. Creating a user flow

Making a flowchart at the beginning of the design process can reduce the risk of misunderstanding about design specifications. User flows are often provided with your deliverables to the design team or your client to provide a visual representation of how the product will flow. When it comes to mastering user experience, there’s absolutely no substitute for practice. Designing effective flows takes time and repetition. Practice making user flows of existing websites or applications to refine your UX skills.


Creating a User Flow scheme saves you time and money in the long run. It helps developers understand your goals and user interactions with the product. You can create a flow diagram on your own or together with the developers, as you wish. The main thing is to understand its necessity.

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